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50 REBORN! ♥
15 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ♥
10 Host Club♥


R001 R002 R003 R004 R005
R006 R007 R008 R009 R010
R011 R012 R013 R014 R015
R016 R017 R018 R019 R020
R021 R022 R023 R024 R025
R026 R027 R028 R029 R030
R031 R032 R033 R034 R035
R036 R037 R038 R039 R040
R041 R042 R043 R044 R045
R046 R047 R048 R049 R050

Higurashi noNaku Koro ni

H001 H002 H003 H004 H005
H006 H007 H008 H009 H010
H011 H012 H013 H014 H015

Host Club

HC001 HC002 HC003 HC004 HC005
HC006 HC007 HC008 HC009 HC010

Comments would be the best
I am trying a new coloring technique, so please put the numbers of the icons if you take any, ok :D
Credit is appreciated, but not required. Its not like i'll hunt you down and destroy you or something ;)
Textless icons are not Bases
No Hotlinking!

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